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Comedian, Actress, TV Writer

As the daughter of Charles Grodin and one of the decade’s hottest comics, Marion Grodin has shared the stage with Robin Williams, Robert Klein, Jerry Seinfeld and has appeared on numerous TV shows, including “The View”, MSNBC and CBS Radio, where she hosted a show for two years. But life had its highs and lows. At an early age, Marion was part of the drug scene and by 14 she was getting high every day and by college was completely addicted to alcohol and narcotics. This sent her on a downward spiral into profound mental illness. Add to her life a diagnosis of breast cancer. She believes that her “community” of friends, family and support groups were her lifeline. In her memoir, “Standing Up”, she shares her life stories and how she now loves using humor even more to help others.


– Addiction/Substance Abuse
– Depression;
–┬áMental Health Advocate


“More Than Just Drugs: My Wild Ride Though All Forms of Addiction

Hitting a profound bottom with drugs and alcohol in her twenties, Marion shares with us how she has managed to not pick up drugs or alcohol for the last 25 years, through the power of shared experience, community, and endless laughter.

“Part Laughter, Part Chemo: How I Beat Cancer”

Starting with the night she discovered the lump in her breast to receiving her diagnosis, followed by multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, Marion takes us through her year of heartbreak with her humor and helps audiences find a way to make the roughest of times relatable, inspiring and miraculously – frequently hilarious.


When it comes to comedy, Marion Grodin can pretty much do it all…When it comes to life…well she’s still working on that!

Marion started out as a staff writer for the network sitcoms “It’s A Living” and “Princesses” was put under contract to Twentieth Century Fox, and later went on to sell six screenplays. Just as she was about to embark on her seventh screenplay, it dawned on her that her father, Charles Grodin, had not lovingly nicknamed her Mouth for nothing; she decided it was time to start saying all these funny things she was writing for other people . So for the past decade, Marion Grodin has been one of the hottest comics in the country. She is a favorite at NYC’s top clubs, where she regularly headlines. As one of the country’s top emcees, Marion’s ability to improvise has allowed her to master the art of talking with the audience. She has toured with Linda Ronstadt, opened for Louis Black…as well as having shared the stage with Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Rosanne Barr and Robin Williams.

Marion has also been seen on ABC’s “The View” and worked as the Charles Grodin Show’s comedy producer, making regular appearances on the MSNBC show. Marion also hosted her own radio show for CBS over a two year period where her guests included Lisa Lampanelli, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara and Kevin Bacon.

Substance Abuse Growing up in the 60s on NYC’s upper west side, Marion was exposed to sex, drugs, and rock and roll at the tender age of 13. By 17, she had become a full-blown alcoholic/drug addict. She moved to Los Angeles and began writing for television . By day she was a sitcom writer and by night – a crackhead. After hitting a profound bottom with drugs and alcohol in her twenties, along with the devastation of her mother’s death, Marion found her way into recovery. Marion attributes her 25 years of ongoing sobriety to her involvement in her sober community and knows that together we can truly do what we could never do alone.

Breast Cancer: Starting with the night she discovered the lump in her breast, to receiving her diagnosis, followed by multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, Marion became horribly depressed. She joined a support group at Sloan Kettering and found that being in a community of women going through what she was going through changed her life. She was able to continue her comedy career and found a way to make the roughest of times endlessly relatable, inspiring and frequently hilarious.


When life is getting us down and we need to laugh until tears come rolling down our cheeks, we go to a Marion Grodin show. Marion doesn’t let us forget that life is mundane and hard but somehow helps us to laugh at our ridiculous behavior and still love ourselves for it.

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